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So your average person will look at Go Daddy’s site, see that it’s cheap and offers customer service, and sign up.

Not many people are like my wife, who will spent weeks researching the purchase of a pair of headphones.If all you want is to spin up a 1-click Word Press Install, pick a theme and go, then Go Daddy might work for you. If you one day decide you need professional help with your website–maybe a redesign, or a shopping cart so you can sell products–then your developer is going to have to interact with your server in order to make the necessary changes. As a developer, I have tried very hard to avoid dealing with Go Daddy.But as a freelance developer, sometimes you gotta go where the clients are.For months, the drone industry has been waiting to see what the FAA’s registration requirements for unmanned aircraft (UAS, or what we typically call “drones”) would be, as well as how much they’d cost.The FAA has finally released its drone registration plan, and the organization appears to have taken several steps to ensure registration is relatively easy and painless.Upon registering, the aircraft owner will receive a certificate of registration, which must then be affixed to the aircraft.

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