Amy rose dating game Hooked flitnet


My Reactions: Son Amy: BEST COUPLE EVER (MEH FAV :3)Shad Amy: CWTE?

)sonamy yes, shadamy yes, silvamy.......sorta fits well with blaze in my oppinen if you don't mind me sayying & mephamy........ not only for what he did in sonic 06 but he probely only want amy to be his mate so he can rape her and toutrue her and all that bullshit that even eggman wouldn't think about doing to amy when he kiddnaps her. I do ship Sonic and Amy as long as you don't mention Sonic riders.

Amy debuted in the Sonic the Hedgehog manga series created by Kenji Terada in 1992.

Her first video-game appearance was in 1993's Sonic the Hedgehog CD and she was first playable in 1994's Sonic Drift.

As the summary states, Sonic, Amy, Silver, and Blaze all team up to compete in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. I know this chapter sucks, but it'll get better, I swear!

But when Amy registers the four as Team Double Date... It is a bit Sonic-based, mainly because I'm not a Mario fanatic or expert. *flees before vegetables start flying*The big day has finally arrived.

Andrea: Hello everyone, and welcome to my first crossover story! This is set within the world of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and uh, yeah... Anyway, my knowledge is limited, so I'm trying to avoid screwing them up.

I'm obsessed with Olympic Winter Games, and I got this idea while doing Festival Mode. They will have major roles, but not as important as our "Team Double Date". Sorry guys, but the Mario characters appear in Chapter 2.

, is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.Still, “Forces” usually implies armies of some sort, so it’s possible the game has characters set in groups, but that’s just a theory., originally nicknamed Rosy the Rascal, is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series.amy looks happyq: Im just so happy you chose me over everyone else, you could of chose Rouge... You and Tails have been close friends ever since you were young huh? - is that so, *giggle* im such a lucky girl Amy seems very happya:-1= I wonder what he's doing right now... Amy looks down q: E-enough about that, im sure Eggman is causing trouble somewhere, and its up to you right?a:1= thats right, you'll wait for you're hero to come back right?Although the character was redesigned for the Sonic Boom video game and TV show, these are not considered canonical.

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