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Group bookings: If you would like to book a table for a large party or are interested in our private dining options, please call us on 01. Why not buy a gift card for friends or family to redeem here, or at any of our D&D London sister restaurants!

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Angelica menus will not be available on these dates.

He wished the library to be open to everyone irregardless of their income or social standing.

Angelica Kenova, a 26-year-old model from Moscow, Russia, still lives with her hyper-controlling parents, who have been honing her drastic look all her life - dictating her diet and exercise programme so she can maintain her miniature six-stone frame.

CRYBABY MATINEE Relax and enjoy a film at the Angelika without worrying about unexpected tantrums or feedings in the dark.

We keep the lights dimmed, the volume down, and the films coming.

She was also the founder of the internationally broadcast cable television network Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) and the radio network WEWN.

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