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(Victory Business Center, 3rd floor)Tel.: 996 (552) 230 101Entrance: KGS 200Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Mascagni — enjoy the classical opera this Tuesday from the world opera singers. On top of that there will be a photographer all day long for those ladies who want a photo shoot. Tel.: 996 (550) 121 881Entrance: KGS 300 (for 90 minute ticket)The boys from Brat the Band are performing for all ladies on this International Women's Day.

Venue: Zusmanovich's Suitcase, 6/2, 4th micro-district. Tel.: 996 (550) 223 667, 996 (553) 041 870Entrance: free of charge Mixed Martial Arts Championship — the event will last two days: March 9 — preliminary fights and March 10 (starts 4 pm) — semifinals and finals.

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For easy navigation, this list is divided into four main categories: There are many fabulous bloggers.Alisher Khamidov On a cold morning in late February, Alya wakes up early as usual to prepare a simple breakfast of porridge for her and her 2-year-old boy, Shurik.Then she takes Shurik to her friend for baby-sitting before heading to work.Venue: Gazprom Sports Complex, Archa-Beshik area Tel.: 996 (557) 549 444Entrance: n/a Traditional Friday Live Music Lounge with Fandango — combination of tasty Spanish sounds, Latino rhythms and positive atmosphere. Tel.: 996 (558) 041 111Entrance: KGS 150Kids and their parents are welcome to try and create their own software and learn more about coding and robotics industry. Tel.: 996 (709) 691 915Entrance: KGS 999Brave enough to get on Chicken Star's stage?Venue: Ilim Education Center, 6 B, Toktonaliev str. Any musicians are welcome to call 996 (554) 080 493 to sign up for a performance.We kept seeing questions about events in Bishkek from expats and foreign guests. Aidar Sydykov, a professional lawyer will tell about the police's authority and what one can do it the police goes beyond it. Venue: ololohaus co-working and events space, 103, Ibraimov str. Tel.: 996 (550) 787 674Entrance: KGS 2,000—2,500Don't miss this, Salt Peanuts — an International Women's Day present from Chicken Star, which promises some small presents for all ladies. Tel.: 996 (558) 041 111Entrance: KGS 150A special present for ladies from the City Skating Rink — free of charge skates rental and discounts for tickets.

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