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In your example, you use the Cell Validating event, as shown below: Here, you want to ensure that the length of the new Customer ID is at least five characters.

You do this by using the Formatted Value property of the Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args parameter.

Add(masked Text Box2) End Sub Private With Events masked Text Box1 As Masked Text Box Private With Events masked Text Box2 As Masked Text Box Private Sub Bkpdwn_D_Data Grid View_Cell Begin Edit(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The bound entities themselves are unaware of this process.This property returns the new value entered in the cell.If it is less than five characters, you set the Error Text property of that cell to some error message.– Immediate validation: For those of you who have used dynamic regular expression validator in c#. However, one has to evaluate the pros and cons of each one.If you are going to perform complex and multiple validation, you should try the second approach.Hovering the mouse pointer on the icon displays the Error Text that you set earlier.

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