Conflicts in dating


In the context of business law, a Conflict of Interest (COI) doesn’t usually refer to conflicts between two people.

Instead, it refers to situations where one person’s own private interests conflict with their professional interests and responsibilities.

Recent research also demonstrates that it is a leading threat to physical health, predisposing adults to heart attacks (, 2016).At top, is fossil wood in basalt that includes—from left to right—basalt, wood and siltstone.The next image (below left) is of charred fossil wood; and beside that is intact fossil wood (Note biro gives size perspective).Those on-site at the time speculated that there had been two distinct trees, partly standing, still organic in nature, and thus not petrified.The imprint of a leaf was also discovered within the basalt, which was also regarded as remarkable, remembering that the enclosing rock was once molten lava erupted at 1000–1200°C (about 1800–2200°F).If they take advantage of certain business opportunities to the detriment of the company, there may be a conflict of interests.

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