Dailymile widget not updating


For trainers trying to maintain their online social media presence through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, keeping content current and engaging is often a challenge.Whether it is as simple as updating your Twitter status or as involved as writing new blog posts every week, these efforts accumulate and can displace the time needed for clients.i Treadmill: the best pedometer available on i Tunes. You can also use it to have your virtual treadmill. This article will explain how you can streamline these efforts and significantly improve the look of your site by incorporating “widgets” on blogs and websites.A Web widget (simply referred to as “widget”) is a portable chunk of computer code (HTML, Java Script™ or Adobe® Flash Player) that can be installed and executed within a HTML-based web page or blog.Manual entry means that sometimes I just don’t get around to it, and if I miss a few days that’s sometimes enough for me to lose steam on keeping the log up.

The last time I was offered this type of opportunity, I turned it into a giveaway to two lucky winners. Clyde if she would like to pick from the many different product offerings and write a product review.

Read on to learn about the various kinds of widgets, how to maximize their use and which are best for health and fitness sites.

No Training Necessary For those who never spent time learning web design or programming language, no need to worry.

Yesterday I was filtering through my Feedly RSS feeds and came across a post from DC Rainmaker on a new auto-sync feature between Strava and Garmin Connect.

In short, it allows Strava to pull workouts directly from Garmin Connect without the need to upload direct from your device to the Strava site.

All you have to do is the right pedometer i Phone application to get you started. My Weight Loss Coach: a comprehensive solution for anyone hoping to lose weight. Tells you how long you have been walking, the number of steps you have taken, and estimated burned calorie. i Steps: i Steps is a wonderful i Phone application that makes losing weight more fun. Your take: which pedometer app are you using on your phone?

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