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However, the complexity of BPD became very clear when I volunteered to go with her to help her interpret the results after her uterine cancer was removed.She was scheduled to get a follow-up visit with her ob-gyn doctor, but she was so terrified of what she'd hear that she couldn't bring herself to go.

Episodes of anger outbursts, moodiness, and unreasonable, impulsive, and erratic behaviors, which often appear unprovoked, can result in considerable harm to these important relationships. throwing tantrums when some innocent word, gesture, facial expression or action by others sets off an emotional storm they cannot control.The attacks can be brutal, pushing away those they care most about ".Attempts to engage in a discussion to work out reasonable solutions to problems frequently turn into highly emotional battles.This usually results in responses from family, partners and friends that include anxiety and frustration, attempts to placate, and angry retorts when the limits of normal patience have been exceeded.That day I went into the ob-gyn's office with her and sat across from the doctor who reported great news that the patient was cancer-free. " I was so surprised by her reaction I could hardly think or speak.

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