Dating someone different socioeconomic status


To determine someone socio-economic status we would need to look into facts such has someone’s income, education and job.Every socio-economic status is different, the higher an individual’s education is the higher their income would be because they have a better opportunity of obtaining a higher paying job; now if a person earns less income then most likely their education level is lower.If you have any questions or wish to include some information please contact us.The Effects of Socioeconomic Status Socio-economic status is or SES is a classification of an individual’s social and individual status.

And the association with wealth is still observed if we examine even more basic cognitive processes such as phonological awareness, or the amount of information the child can keep in working memory.” However, care is needed.By conducting surveys researchers can pin point what are the effects of socioeconomic status and try to determine what we can do as individuals to decrease some of the risks.Some of the health issues pertaining to lower SES are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis just to name a few.That data, then as now, shows that SAT scores go up in perfect tandem with ,000-dollar family income amounts.Here is the 2012 data: Pause, consider: does this make sense to you as an educator?However, SES is more commonly used to depict an economic difference in society as a whole.

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