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The fashion business is similar to a well oiled machinery and the same as all other industry it’s dependent upon strong marketing and logistics.

You might not necessarily get the chance to wear an evening gown following your prom, if you are not red carpet regular, but you don’t know when you might have a reason to purchase an evening gown.

Continue Reading The 18th Mumbai Film festival (MAMI 2016) is from oct 20th -oct 27th 2016.May 1962 - "Interpol 59 Phantom Global Crime Busters" reused in FOR MEN ONLY Oct 1965.June 1962 - "Break-Out Team From Hell" (not shown) July 1962 - "Troop-Following Comfort Girls" reused in COMPLETE MAN Sept 1965 (not shown) "one of those cuckoo chapters of the Korean War not recorded in official histories".Many fashion businesses endorse celebrities to market for their clothing line, which leads to many individuals buying that product.Consequently, the apparel providers, boutiques and style designers flourished and so did the retro fashion.Therefore our Correspondent Praveen Jha has shortlisted 24 must watch films from MAMI 2016 that are so impactful thay they will transform you as a person in many ways. Continue Reading Game of thrones Series is easily the most watched TV / Web Series of current times.

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