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Luke Macfarlane sure does have quite a long relationship history, but it was with one other personality that became the talk of the town once.

Based on Sutcliffe’s comment; however, we can only hope for a brief tryst between Rory and Dean, versus a long-lasting coupling.

Sutcliffe, who grew up in Saskatoon, Canada, joined to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs, LA hockey, and what we can expect from the much-anticipated return to Stars Hollow.

The interview below has been edited for length and clarity. My dad was a hockey player and he played for the Saskatoon Blades, and his brothers were all really good players, so I’ve been skating since I was three.

After Lorelai got pregnant and had Rory, it is presumed, though never shown, that she and Christopher broke up.

Around the start of the series, Chris is sporadically in and out of their lives; sometimes several years span between his appearances.

, Sutcliffe revealed that he's always been partial to Dean, Rory’s first of three boyfriends in the series, and many a fan-favorite.

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