Entourage not updating mailbox

Choose your mail client from the list below for instructions on how to subscribe to folders: In order for IMAP to work correctly with Windows Live Mail, the settings are by default set to not assign mail folders correctly.You will need to create a path for the folders under the IMAP tab on Account Properties.

For example, with my Microsoft corporate account, I simply name my account Microsoft.Be sure that the boxes for Check new messages in all folders and Store special folders on IMAP server are checked.The path for these folders are : If the paths are set up accordingly, the other alternative is to delete the mail account within Windows Live Mail and recreate the email account from scratch.I’ve now found a workaround for this limitation using the OWA App for i Phone, i Pad, and Android. Suppose I have permissions to access the Inbox and Calendar folders of a room resource mailbox.There is a trick to accomplishing this, and it is not well documented, but after much fiddling, I’ve managed to figure it out. Here are the steps to expose those folders to me in the OWA App.For more, see: Users may experience issues receiving instant messages while using the integrated Lync functionality within Exchange Outlook Web App.

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