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Because the yolk doesn't keep that well, a new batch has to be mixed daily.But once painted onto a surface, it's incredibly stable, and examples still exist dating from the 4th century.In fact, Drew said she had fled from Maine to Silver City because this town hadn’t yet switched over to AMR meters, like so much of the country.Eggs seem to spend their lives traveling between the chicken, the supermarket refrigerator, and your plate, so it'd be easy to assume that's all they're good for.Marcarini taught himself photography through experimentation, and gradually started to put his work together into a portfolio, initially selling images to magazines and advertising agencies and eventually gaining commissions.

Egg tempera consists of finely ground pigment, a little water, and the yolk of an egg, all mixed together.

Information about state parks and historic sites with details on accommodations, camping/lodging facilities, outdoor activity access (biking trails, hiking trails, backpacking, equestrian, ATV), activities (fishing, swimming, water sports, interpretive, etc.)...

The town of Silver City is set to move forward with their installation of radio-read automated water meters, despite continued protests by some residents who insist the new technology will harm their health and infringe upon their privacy.

But despite being a pretty awesomely nutritious and tasty plate filler, there's a lot more to that almost-chicken than meets the eye.

So next time you're about to crack an egg into your pan, maybe pause for a second, and consider if you might not want to use it for something a little different.

Wide expanses of soft sand and mild waves abound, as do blooming azaleas.

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