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Confession #2583 I spoke to you on the phone today. It was the voice that still to this day if you showed up on my doorstep I couldn't tell you no. It is strange how I thought I had put you in my past, but all it took was a two minute conversation about nothing really important for you to consume my thoughts and heart. And then you told me you didn’t want to be married to me. I am a bad wife – because I have the temerity to stick to the agreements we made when we were married seven years ago and follow through on paying the household bills on time and doing my weekly chores to the best of my ability and not doing them when I get around to them, doing half the job or refusing to do them at all like you have chosen to do.

Relationship experts recommend keeping things spontaneous (whether that means trying a different time, place, or generally being more adventurous in bed) to avoid falling into a cycle of boring "duty" sex, but also to foster healthy habits in a long-term relationship. (age 14) If you're standing, I don't think the water will go up and in.When girls achieve orgasm, do they all have a liquid shoot out like all men, or do just some girls have that? In fact, it's an unresolved question whether women do.Feminists have disputed pornography ever since the Women’s Movement commenced, and the debate gained notorious vehemence throughout the Feminist Sex Wars of the 1980s.Although there is no specific production considered the primary paradigm of feminist porn, feminist porn originated in the 1980s.Feminist pornography refers to a genre of film developed by and/or for those dedicated to gender equality.

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