File or directory is out of date try updating down link dating


This includes both structural changes and property changes of the directory. One bad thing about subversive is that you cannot see whether you have a mixed revision working copy or not - the label decoration only shows the "last changed revision".This makes sence but from time to time you need the pure revision information as provided by subversion - I allready created an issue for this but it seems not to have enough priority.You can't just decide to revert by commiting and out of date copy from another wc.

svn/wrk/531d459d-80fa-ea46-bfb4-940d79ee6d2e/visualization/trunk/source/flex/src/com/penbay/invision/portal/services/http/soap/Report Services/Get All Bldgs Params By Region By Site Result' path not found You have to update your working copy first. I have even checked out a new one into a different folder to make sure there wasn't any local cruft messing with the merge.2 as your source of the problem: If you commit the new directory, the parent directory of the old and the new will be mixed revision, so if you try to commit the parent directory, it will fail.It makes a lot of sense to commit the move (which is a combined copy and delete) in one transaction by comitting the parent directory.I think you should commit the whole change in one single step, this way bot the parent and the moved dir will be in the same revision.In your case you must do svn update in the parent dir which will recover your erased dir, then svn delete it again and try another commit After trying all the obvious things, and some of the other suggestions here, with no luck whatsoever, a Google search led to this link - Subversion says: Your file or directory is probably out-of-date In a nutshell, the trick is to go to the directory (in the directory that contains the offending file), and delete the "all-wcprops" file. Now the same problem happened also to other projects, after I had to change the content of the svn:ignore property to avoid that other files are sent to the repository, and to subdirectories of the original project; so avoiding to commit the top directory is not a good solution anymore. Not those files that were part of the commit have a more recent revision, simply a higher revision number. As an commit in subversion is never an update this commit takes all directories that were not part of the commit in an "out of date" state - they are no longer present in the latest revision.

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