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Renteria urged parents to talk with their kids about using apps and websites safely.“If you just allow your child to download any type of app and never have a conversation with them, they never know what security measures to take to protect themselves,” she said.

“You may think you're talking to someone who's 13 or someone who’s 15 in reality be 60 or 70.”That raised concerns for parents like Courtney Burlison, a mom of three girls ages 9-13.“I don't know their age, their sex, their history, background and they can be coming from all over the world into my home would be very scary for me,” said Burlison.

TYLER - An app gaining popularity among American teens could allow predators to go undetected, according to experts.

More than 7 million people have downloaded Yellow, a free app promoted as a way for users to make friends.

So when I got those messages, I knew something was wrong because I hadn’t purchased anything that day.

I quickly logged onto my account online to see if perhaps they were charges that had gone through for automatic payments linked to my card, such as my electricity bill. Ugh (actually, I said something a little worse than ugh)!

Contact information should always include a toll-free phone number (digits, no letters) and an email address.

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