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By the 1950s, the church had already built up a library of 100,000 rolls of microfilm – archiving family records of decades of Americans. The Church needed a large and secure location for its growing archive, and so decided to start blasting a cavern into the side of Little Cottonwood Canyon – burrowing nearly 700 feet into the massive granite cliffs.

Eventually, the blasting crew hit a rock that couldn’t be blasted as easily anymore – plus they struck water.

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INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BACKLASH PRESS is seeking submissions of fiction up to 200 pages and poetry. Accepted authors showcase their titles with e-books, website, and web-based e-reading solutions. (If an author has multiple books published in 2017, all are eligible.) Books nominated for the award must be submitted to the FAW Awards Committees by December 10, but we appreciate entries ASAP. Please send 2 copies of each book and author info as early as possible to: Tammie Bob, Literature Awards Chair, 474 Stagecoach Run, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. Or Angela Gall, Young People’s Literature Awards Chair, 13325 S. Submission window is open to all, any genre: Literary fiction, poetry, literary fantasy, literary science fiction. While free access to genealogical records seems like a very charitable offering to the world, one must ask why the LDS church invests so many resources into collecting, archiving and sharing family records.As is usually the case with most religions, the motives are typically spiritual rather than material in nature.I immediately turned to page 104 where the picture was printed, alongside a glum picture of Queen Mary Tudor, and was thrilled to discover that it was ‘impossible to sleep in Mary’s Room without being disturbed by phantoms’. I had it seems an already well-established fascination for the subject of ghosts, and I have recently been informed by a schoolmate of that period, now head of Islamic Art at Sotheby’s, that I used to terrify the other boys in the dormitory by telling ghost stories.

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