How young is too young for internet dating

:)I notice younger guys (I'm not blind or dead after all), but I don't think I could seriously date someone a lot younger. For example, I'm 35 now, so attempting to date someone who was in their early 20's would feel odd to me personally. So, keep in mind that I can't speak for all men, but just myself and other guys who have my attitude towards dating, and here are the answers I would give.1) My normal age range for dating, would be between 24 - 30, for women I am seriously considering dating with relationship potential.

I'm recently 18 and my love life has been a series of fails and I'm growing sick of my inability to even keep a guy interested in me as more than friends.

The major complaint is I'm too geeky and remind them of their 'best guy mate'.Ok I should state upfront that I am a non-conformist and will certainly not let a guys age be the deciding factor in whether or not I go out with him. I love younger guys, always have and certainly always will.I am just curious to see what others opinions are on the subject of how many younger it is when it starts to seem "weird."Also, how do guys feel about being approached by "older women" (ie. In general, I prefer to be the one approached and part of the reason (but only part) is that I just don't want to come across as some kind of predatory female, or creepy in any way. Older women (Much older women.) were always making inappropriate comments. Classy.) I understand 100% why many young women get upset with older men checking them out and making unwelcome comments.I'm just at the point where it seems to be my only option. "For Ignorance killed the cat, Curiosity was framed." -Caitlin Mc Grath "For this thing we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down." -Mary Pickford "But the music's so happy!" -Little Sally: Urinetown I wouldn't say you're too young, but I would say be wary.Hi Taylor, Personally, I don't think, at all, that you're too young to look for a date online. You can meet new people and of course, hopefully someone you can date! I'll go on a date with you when I'm down south over the summer (semi-srs).

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