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i am honestly look like the kind of guy we only see in england on springfield (too ugly to be let on tv otherwise). Jay, I got a quick question sicne you seem to be the man when it comes to comics. I just couldent imagine what else it would be, to badly injure The Hulk's leg... :) :cool: A question, since its been a while since Iv read Secret Wars, would you happen to know what kind of ray that was he hit The Hulk with?i know your redneck intellect made you mis interpret what i said into an insult, but i was actually just saying hugh jackman isnt ugly, not that you are. 180 of them not only rated me favorably, but want to hook up with me. Of course by the time he makes it back into his own book it was never mentioned again:rolleyes: You see what I meant by wolvie not actually landing one hit? What happened to him swatting Wolverine away like nothing, and denouncing his claws as "pig stickers" which might work against the local bar room bullys..they're swinging on the end of wolverine's arms, he should be afraid of them. He should of been weary...lasting the fight is taking a beating from the hulk, man. the first appearance of wolverine, they hadn't even decided he had an adamantium skeleton yet. and i contend that spider-man can beat wolverine from a distance, but with some trouble. i'd love to see wolverine get him into a small, enclosed space.

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