Is geoff stults still dating stacy keibler


Hey, no one ever said professional wrestling was feminist!

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And she’s not just all about the glitz and glamour; Keibler has been involved in charities as part of the WWE, including Your Vote, a campaign to mobilise unregistered voters in the U.

George Clooney has not completely replaced Stacy Keibler yet. Usually he gets a new girl within one year of a big breakup.

There are significant rumors that Clooney is dating Julian Assange’s hot lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, but she’s got a real job and I would suspect that she’s not in a position where she can jet off to Lake Como for the summer.

Born October 14, 1979, in Rosedale, Maryland, Stacy Keibler is a model best-known for dating George Clooney from 2011 to 2013.

The former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader first gained notoriety as a WWE Diva.

Began dance lessons in jazz, tap, and ballet when she was three, started modeling at age six, then appeared in several national commercials that led to her entering the Screen Actor's Guild by age 10. Her wrestling career was launched in 1999 when she won a competition that won her a spot on the World Championship Wrestling's dance troupe, the Nitro Girls.3.

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