Is maxwell dating anyone


Before sauntering down the aisle with the dashing former American football player, she'd spent 2006 until 2006 married to 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey.

Meanwhile, Ashlee had Bronx, now eight, by her first husband Pete Wentz, who is himself the frontman of Fall Out Boy.

To the chagrin of a few, many of these women are leggy European beauties, and after Maxwell posted a few too many pictures of these ladies in a row (including the one below), some decided to try and question him.

And in all honesty, people have made some negative comments about the women he shows on his page in the past, though he says they’re friends.

He said, 'I came to this country out of my own choice and I'm proud that I did so.' And then, without the slightest hint of embarrassment, he started to applaud himself."You couldn't make Maxwell up - and that's why he makes for such great drama.

We love watching these huge figures because we know we could never be like them ourselves."Maxwell certainly has an operatic grandeur about him.

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The singer seems to do a lot of traveling a lot of the time, and during his travels, he runs around with a lot of colorful characters, taping short videos, taking fun pictures, and cheesing it up with the ladies.

Jessica Simpson posted a sweet Instagram photo on Monday of her four-year-old daughter Maxwell Johnson posing up a storm with her sister Ashlee's son Bronx Wentz.

The pair did their best 'cheese' faces as they enjoyed a Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Like Jessica, Ashlee married her second husband - in this case, Evan Ross, son of Diana - in 2014, and they've are the proud parents of a one-year-old daughter, Jagger.

Both Simpson sisters are in the midst of discography dry spells: Jessica's last album Happy Christmas dropped in 2010, Ashlee's last album Bittersweet World in 2008.

Shoot, as long as he hurries up and puts out new music, I don’t care what or who he might be doing at this point…

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