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On the seven-mile beachfront which forms the Jamaican resort of Negril, this somewhat unsavoury scene plays out time and again every day.

A longfavoured destination for British package tourists drawn to its white sand and turquoise sea, Negril has become the destination of choice for another kind of visitor: the female sex tourist.

I will recommend RDI to others because they are truly helpful and supportive and will make sure that you complete what you start.

As dusk falls, the somewhat mismatched pair can be seen smooching together to a backdrop of pulsating reggae music at a beachfront bar.

Perched on the edge of her sunlounger, the young Jamaican man picks up the woman's hand and lavishes it with kisses. And, as she confides to a girlfriend, there are "plenty more where he came from".

In fact, on this occasion, it is the woman - 42-year-old Carol, an office administrator from Birmingham - who is in the driving seat.

Many other students in the Caribbean remain in control of their finances this way.

I’ve gained a lot from my programme and it has helped me to progress with my career which will allow me to get a raise in salary.

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