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This was first described for conjugative plasmids in genome (NCBI Gen Bank accession number CP000725) revealed a number of DNA regions with abrupt variations in G-C content and codon usage, implying that the organism may have acquired foreign DNA through horizontal gene transfer from other species (M. Sex pheromone-responding conjugative plasmids are ubiquitous in the species and frequently encode bacteriocins, antibiotic resistance, and/or virulence traits (14).

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The pheromone c AM373, which induces a response by the enterococcal plasmid p AM373, has been of interest because a similar activity is also secreted by is of concern because of extensive multiple antibiotic resistance, including vancomycin resistance, that has emerged among enterococci in recent years.

Here, we characterize the related pheromone determinant in -c AM373 activity in culture supernatants.

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Due to the close proximity of microbial cells in biofilms, the potential exists for DNA transfer among the multiple genera present.

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