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He works hard to always be honest and up-front with his intentions.His best friend, Courtney Kerr, calls herself Matt's "gatekeeper" and definitely voices her disapproval of the women Matt surrounds himself with. The series follows a group of hot singles in “The Big D,” including beauty queens to pro footballers. Formerly a quarterback at the University of Texas, Matt signed to play football professionally, until an injury shifted his path. or Miss Matt Nordgren: Matt is an all-American, blue-eyed Texan charmer.Matt also devotes his time to various charities, primarily his own -- The Leadership Foundation and Gala -- which helps underprivileged children develop character and strength through sports and educational programs.When it comes to the ladies, Matt definitely plays the field, but isn't a player.Courtney is determined to find true love, though her best friend, Matt Nordgren, is convinced that her standards are too high and unrealistic.

Plus she can still be found most mornings on KTXD’s , finally makes its premiere tonight, Dec. ended, and I had gone back to work and started the blog.

Today, the ambitious 28-year old is partner in the family energy business.

When it comes to the ladies, Matt definitely plays the field, but isn’t a player.

Here’s how Courtney described the show, in her own words:“I would describe it as a 31-year-old single gal, who loves Dallas, who’s just kind of navigating her way through the city that is filled with 30,000 millionaires.

And I think it’s tough being my age and being single, because if you meet a single guy, you’re like, “Okay, you’ve dated a friend who’s dated a friend, and I know everything already about you and I’ve never shook your hand.” So it’s tough. People that like me, that were fans of me on And regarding Matt Nordgren’s appearance:“Matt does make an appearance, and I think people will be shocked — I think people are expecting one thing when it comes Matt and I’s relationship, but I think, um, I think people in Dallas are going to be high-fiving me the next day after they see Matt Nordgren’s appearance.”Oooh that sounds juicy!

Trust me, for every 10 people that love you, there’s one person that really, really hates you.

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