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England The process of creating a single, unified kingdom of England could be said to have been achieved by thelstan of Wessex, while the initial groundwork had been laid down by Alfred nearly a century before.

The coming of the Danish in the ninth century forced the surviving free Anglo-Saxons to unite to face the common enemy and, from the moment of Alfred's ascendancy over them in 878, the process of integrating their conquered lands under Anglo-Saxon rule began.

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While Eadred was the first universally recognised king of a united England, it was not until the reign of Edgar the Peaceful that the integration of all the English regions under a single administration was completed, making it highly unlikely that the slip back into regional rule that happened during the lifetime of Edwy could be repeated.

(Additional information by Mick Baker.)A successional rift flares up between Eadred's two nephews, Edwy and Edgar.

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