Monica dating laker


After posting the twitter photo of her huge ring, Monica thanked her fans for their congratulations but seemed to take offense on people she felt were judging her.

Monica wrote: “We realise people will have their opinions.

Singer Monica, 29, prompted rumors she is engaged to LA Lakers’ Shannon Brown, 25, after posting a photo of her 10-carat diamond ring. It’s just love and love is powerful Remember God is love.” Congrats to Monica and Shannon on their engagement!

I still proudly carry my green reusable bag signed by #4 Luke Walton, former forward and current coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, at our downtown rally in support of L. I’m proud to say I haven’t seen an ounce of ego or attitude.

Ever since R&B Diva broke up with her baby daddy Rocko, her fans have been wondering who she’s kicking it with now.

Monica might say she’s way too busy with her children and her career to find the time for a relationship. A little birdie told us that the new thug in her life is rapper Maino!

As a hopeless sports junkie, I’ve had the most fun working with L. I’ve picked up trash with former Lakers center Andrew Bynum, probably the only time I’ve participated in a cleanup with someone taller than I am.

(I’m 6’6” – Kobe Bryant size, as I like to say.) But my favorite cleanup of all time was with the L. Kings in 2008, the year I started working at Heal the Bay.

And I know exactly what participants’ reactions will be (“OMFG, look at all these disgusting cigarette butts! I have another admission to make – like most Angelenos, I’m a bit star struck.

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