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One of the manuscript's idiosyncratic features are its two tables of contents, both incomplete.

The first table of contents begins on folio 1 verso and is numbered 1-79, leaving the remainder of the page blank. The second table of contents begins on folio 2 recto with the song "Fly boy, fly boy to the sellers" (numbered 100 below) and continues through number 38. 2013, and New York Public Library Drexel 4175, several manuscripts of this period have at least two series of contents.

Because of this peculiar numbering in the two tables of contents, Willa Mc Clung Evans, a scholar who earlier studied the manuscript, surmised it might have been a conglomeration of several manuscripts "representing perhaps the tastes of three owners of the volume or of three periods in the life of a single owner." She considered the handwriting from several unidentified hands. He surmises that, presumably, the scribe added songs after compiling the tables of contents without making additions to the table. An unusual attribute of this scribe is that he tends to write v for u, resulting in words such as "thov" (thou).

The calligraphy is difficult due to many cross outs and obscuring of letters due to an unsharpened quill and smudging.

The contents were entered over a period time suggesting a commonplace book.

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