Myley cyrus dating

, gets a lap dance, and confirms she's not having 47 weddings. Three days later, her rep confirms their engagement has been called off.She also says her wedding "has to be "perfect" and "has to be like a soundtrack in a movie. Liam makes out with Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.

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With her hair swept up into a bun and no sign of make-up, Miley showed off her true beauty.

“We became boyfriend and girlfriend the day we met,” she revealed.

While they avoided confirming their relationship with the media, which led to many arguments, they were very much in love.

They are reported to have stayed friends, though, for what that’s worth.

As Hollywood previously reported, Miley and Liam were not only caught “kissing and cuddling” at a music festival this past week, a new report claims, but she celebrated New Year’s Eve with the Hemsworths — Liam, his brothers, and their wives.

Her outfit was made up of simple leggings, cute pink slides and that fab ' Meow' sweatshirt.

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