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Interestingly enough, the new Samsung Gear VR is currently sold out for the Note 5 and S6 phones.

I’m still viewing Virtual Reality with the Innovator addition for the Note 5.

I'd like to tell you what was up there, but I blocked it out. The lesson I learned here is to never chase your dreams, because at least in my experience, the world is too scary of a place for that. If you're curious about some of the funniest and strangest experiences people have had while visiting them, you should definitely peruse what people share in this viral Ask Reddit thread, and check out our highlights, below.

I had a customer passed out from some drugs on the shift before mine and my coworkers forgot he was in the arcade. I go into the arcade with my flashlight, and yell "anybody back here". He runs past me through the fire exit and into the night.

Later that night while I was working and watching slasher movies to pass the time I heard a noise in the arcade. I later found a crack pipe a wallet with some cash and his clothes. I worked in a crummy video store that was probably a tax dodge...

Our main moneymakers was the children's section and then, a distant second, the adult DVDs.

The sex industry is made up of many different genres and disciplines.

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What am I doing currently instead of preparing for exams and papers?

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For a more extensive list, see “Our Language” located at the end of the guide.

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