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We took some friends and all met at LA Center Studios.We watched Model it Up on the monitors while the pages were helping everyone get to their seats, In that episode, a talent agents discovers Rocky and wants her to do a photo shoot! It was fun watching them film, make mistakes, and tape the whole episode! My hip hop teacher Lindsay Taylor was a back ground dancer!It was revealed that it was, in fact, Tinka, they finally come together in Future It Up. This relationship is very popular, and supported by most of the Ge Ce, Reuce, Deucina, De Ce, Runther, Rogan, and Cogan shippers.

Drums A little guitar please One two three four I hope you're ready for the time of your life Just look at me I put a gleam in your eye Buckle up We're gonna take you for a ride Let's go We got you going Get in the vibe Everybody put your hands to the sky Buckle up We're gonna take you take you high Show me show me show me show me show what you got Come on come on come on come on ready or not La-la-la-la-la let me see how you rock It's on it's on it's on Get crazy crazy crazy; take it over the top 'Cause we 'cause we 'cause when we rock we let it rock Rock it rock it rock it; dance till we drop It's on it's on it's on Okay now are you ready?Her sister and she both gave speeches thanking everyone who cam out!Several stars attended the event, walked the red carpet, and had fun with a raffle and checking out all the snacks donated by sponsors.Ty may have also wanted to stay on Shake It Up Chicago to be closer to Tinka. And in Loyal It Up, Ty was told that Tinka has a crush on him, and was very pleased about it. Caroline Sunshine, who plays Tinka, has acknowledged this couple on her Twitter, saying that her favorite episode is when Ty and Tinka went on a date. They first met in Oh Brother It Up, when Logan gave Cece and Rocky jobs at the food court.

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