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NICOLE KIDMANProfile: Although she sticks by her Australian roots, Nicole Kidman was actually born in Hawaii in June, 1967.

Her father, a biochemist, moved the family to Washington almost immediately after she was born before returning to their native Sydney.

Instead, he chose Danielle Spencer, the girl he calls 'my good luck charm' and, if friends' predictions are correct, the woman who is poised to become Mrs Crowe.

If gossip-mongers are to be believed, Russell Crowe could have walked down the red carpet at last night's Oscar ceremony with any one of Hollywood's leading ladies.

Her next move garnered her more than just a higher profile - it was while she was filming the 1990 hit Days of Thunder that she met and fell in love with co-star Tom Cruise, whom she later married.

Kidman's real career breakthrough however came with the 1995 Gus van Sant movie To Die For in which she plays a fame-crazed housewife.

How she cracked Hollywood: With a higher profile, Nicole hired an American agent and made her US debut opposite Sam Neill in the 1989 thriller, Dead Calm.

So who is this delicately beautiful blonde, a woman who spent the formative years of her childhood in Britain, and who has now captured the heart of the most talented yet tempestuous actor of our times?

Having done the older woman (Sharon Stone her marriage), Hollywood love affair (Ryan), the rock chick fling (Courtney Love) and been the supporter to a string of broken-hearted stars (Kidman/Basinger and Heather Graham) an older - but not necessarily wiser - Crowe has returned to his first true love.

The source is reported to have said: 'She can't believe he's being so insensitive and causing her so much heartbreak'.

Russell has made light of the tense situation in the past, joking that Nicole 'won him' in her divorce from Tom.

Indeed, there have also been reports of Danielle weeping at the Baftas after- show party in February - the occasion of his most oafish behaviour to date - because of Crowe's attentiveness to Nicole Kidman.

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