Samantha mathis dating history


I don't recall the intire the interview for she was only on for about 30 seconds, but I do recall her saying something along the lines of "I don't really care about River, I have forgotten about him and the things he did.It's in the past." Does anyone know why she feels so sour toward him?Journalist Gavin Edwards interviewed Phoenix's friends and peers to build a picture of the man behind the camera lens, and the result is an upsetting yet fascinating story.Read an exclusive excerpt below, and afterwards, we won't blame you if you get the sudden urge to pop in It ends outside a nightclub called the Viper Room, on a Hollywood sidewalk.She also says something along the lines of her forgetting about the things he did- but, refering to his drug use- she follows it up with (because) he did so many things he SHOULD be remembered for, NOT his drug use.

He challenged me as an actress, he was always surprising and startlingly honest.

He was an all too fleeting presence in my life, a beautiful young man.

Hi All, I once watched an interview and Samantha Mathis was talking about River and she wasn't saying anything nice about him.

He was in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.4 years each.

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Even for those of us who didn't come of age until after River Phoenix's reign, it's obvious that the actor had a big impact on Hollywood.

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