Samsung weather widget not updating

I could delete the widget from the screen and then readd it back, however, this did not resolve the issue.The only thing that seemed to work was restarting the phone.I have to go in the widget settings click modify and click on current city then add and it finds the correct position. I know it is a really minor issue, but I can't stand something which is not working properly.I have the app and widget set to 30 minute updates.

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I have checked in the widget settings, the box which authorizes the widget to find the location is checked, in the location settings of the phone, the use cellular for position is checked.The most obvious reason for this issue is when your device experiences a system glitch or got some corrupt files after a software update or due to other apps. After clearing the cache and data the issue remained, then you can proceed and clear the system cache partition. I’ve got a Samsung S7 Edge phone and I’m having trouble opening the ‘Medicare express app’ on it.In this post, you will know how to fix it or avoid it from coming back, the recommended troubleshooting steps here are all basic and they’re the same procedures that techs follow. It is similar in clearing the cache and data of individual app but this time you will be wiping the system’s. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed with no luck can you give me any other tips.I've basically stopped using the edge panels altogether, and am using a third-party weather widget on my home screen. There are plenty of fantastic apps available and ready for download like games, weather apps, health related apps, email apps, etc.. Since this issue occurs right after the update, then we are confident that some files are corrupted during the process.They are making significant changes to the way that updates work to make sure that they are always pulling the newest information.

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