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The Miller family's business on Main Street is a cafe, a coffee shop, an art gallery, a gift shop, an events space and also a music venue.

And it's part of an empire that also includes rental homes, a sawmill and an organic farm.

By the time of the Revolutionary War, nine colonies have established state religions.

Like the Pilgrims, the English Puritans believe that the Church of England is corrupt.

It's a big country out there and clocking all 50 is a bucket list accomplishment. We pulled data from each state's tourism board to determine the 12 with the fewest number of annual visitors, and then polled locals as to what we're missing out on by not spending more time there.

Annual visitors: 25.8 million Why you should visit: Let’s start with the obvious: the opportunity to make endless Monica Lewinsky/cigar jokes as you stand in a replica of the Oval Office at the Clinton Presidential Library.

Williams had quarreled with Puritan authorities over their theology, their decision to remain within the Church of England and their failure to pay Native Americans for their land.

However, if you suspect a child has been abused by seeing these indications, or if he or she hints at abuse or outright discloses sexual abuse, seek help.

Its inhabitants are required by law to be members of the Anglican Church and to pay taxes to support the church.

Other religions, termed "dissenting religions," do not have freedom of worship.

Or do you just want to find someone new to go with to see a band play in Seneca?

There are many Muslim singles in Seneca looking for someone to meet too.

Past that, there’s America's first national river, the Buffalo, where you can whitewater raft through limestone bluffs, as well as the caverns at Devil’s Den and Blanchard Springs.

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