Speed dating success and failure communictaion


You've seen it on TV; you've seen it in the movies.

You didn't think it actually existed, but it does.

The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.

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Again understanding body language is very helpful in creating positive first impressions.

I was always kind of iffy about speed dating and any alternative-dating styles in general. Tickets to participate as a speed-dater were already sold out … I followed the signs that said "Speed-Dating" at Madison's on King Street, and when I entered the downstairs bar, the disco ball was spinning, the lights were low and the wine was flowing.

I like traditional romantic love stories, not "we met in a chat room." And I still don't understand Internet dating with the superficial pictures and profiles, and the "perfect" marriages displayed on commercials creep me out. After failed attempts to get any girls to come speed dating with me (the age range of the event was 21 to 34-years-old — older men, anyone? The city's premiere speed-dating party was already in action.

If life were a Shakespearean romantic comedy, we’d all fumble our way around until an unwitting series of amusing coincidences set everything right in the end.

However, today we can take advantage of more relaxed dating rules to find the right person. Dating & Courtship in the European Middle Ages: A brief look at how peasants and nobles were courted, when and how they could meet and what activities were appropriate. Courting in Medieval India (PDF): Courting in India, in olden times as well as today, often involved family involvement in helping to pick and choose the perfect match. Courtship for Early Americans: Colonists were extremely religious and chaste, and thus had very formal rules about courting and marriage. Courting in Victorian Times: Dating was even more formalized both in England and America by the mid to late 1800s, and men and women who had come of age were allowed to attend balls, dinners and other events during the social season. Tips to Enjoy a Blind Date: Blind dates can be nerve racking, but this article offers tips to forget expectations and have a fun evening. Blind Date Safety Tips: While the key is to have fun on a date, also keep in mind that the other person is a stranger.

It's alternative, like online dating, but it removes the impersonal, sometimes deceiving and lazy ways of the Internet.

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