Sprung the dating game faq


Part bad dating sim, part Choose Your Own Adventure book and absolutely no part game, this curious piece of misdirection is about as sexy as a blind date with your mom.

You can help us out by submitting a description for this title.Having to play through a scene several times before eventually hitting on the correct sequence of responses is made all-the-more torturous thanks to dialogue which is absolute piffle and an utterly repugnant cast of characters who are a banal blend of stereotypical Hollywood teen movie types.Given Sprung's creative vacuum, it's no surprise that the touch-screen is practically redundant, used simply to scroll through and select conversation choices.The genre has thrived in Japan for years, but then again, so have soiled schoolgirl panty machines.You play as either Brett or Becky, two friends out to find romance during a weekend excursion at a ski resort.Using the DS touch screen, you must choose wisely from a selection of answers in response to the person you are speaking to, or choose the right ice breaker.

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