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Enjoy Private Shows, join fan clubs, email models personally and chat with live models waiting to do your bidding!2013 was not a great year for the online porn industry.

When not discussed, this type of behavior can damage the trust and integrity of a relationship.

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For those who are single, unattached, lonely or geographically displaced from sexual partners or opportunities, these websites can provide a much needed outlet for meetings one’s sexual needs, albeit if used in a non-addictive way. Can these sites offer any benefits for couples, or do they pose a vulnerable threat to the commitment and viability of these partnerships?

This is one of those issues where there are no clear-cut right or wrong answers and will differ from couple to couple depending on one’s value systems and relationship agreements.

It seems that webcam sex is one of the few segments that continues to see growth in online porn. Sure, it looks minimalistic, but the premise behind this true voyeur site is a great one.

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