The player reality dating show


"Catching Kelce" pits 50 (thirsty) women from 50 states ...

all competing in a 'Bachelor' type contest to become Kelce's (wait for it ...) "lifelong teammate." The 8 episode season is set to debut on E! The Chiefs might not be playing for the Super Bowl next weekend ...

That’s why NBC’s First Dates appears to have wandered in from a bygone age. is actually playing catch-up when it comes to the First Dates concept.

Far from manipulating its participants and situations to increasingly ridiculous extremes, the Ellen De Generes-produced show simply pairs two strangers up, films every minute of their squirm-inducing/sparks-flying dinner table conversation at MK, a cozy Chicago restaurant, and then asks them whether they want their first date to lead to a second. The brainchild of Twenty Twenty Productions (the team behind life-fixing reality show Brat Camp and life-affirming BAFTA winner The Choir), the original version first hit British screens in 2013.

, fans are forced to analyze whether or not the contestants are there for the “right reasons.”The “right reasons,” for those unfamiliar with the moral compass of the polygamy-style reality dating show, are quite simple: Are the contestants there to find love or are they there to find fame? His “About” reads, Lucas Yancey is originally from Woodside, California.

Kelce will ultimately decide who goes home at the end of each hour but the girls aren't powerless.As part of one of the organizations he spent many years mentoring inner city children, helping them grow and learn to achieve higher education and reach their goals. He currently works as an Actor/Writer/Producer in Los Angeles.He has appeared in many major television shows, commercials and movies. Show is produced for, and shown on, Vh1, but it could easily find a home on any of many TV networks.with an NFL twist by drafting Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce as its single man of choice. Along the top of his website, you’ll find tabs for Home, Reel, Videos, Gallery, and About — all signs point to labeling Lucas as an aspiring famous person, not a comic book sound effect.

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