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1 This website is owned and operated by The 3G Dating Agency Limited (3G Dating Agency), an English registered company (number 006432284).You can contact us at our registered office: Santjit House, 132 Stagsden Road, Bromham, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK43 8QR, UK. These T&Cs cancel and replace any terms and conditions previously agreed to, even if the latter have not been expressly withdrawn or amended.So we are not likely to look at Verizon or another carrier even if Apple does open things up next year.Having said that, I would still welcome it if Apple does decide to move away from a single carrier system in the US “ just so that there is a bit of healthy competition to “ hopefully “ keep the carriers servicing i Phone users a little more on their toes. Are you just waiting on a chance to jump away from AT&T or another carrier if you ‘re outside the US?

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The 3G Dating Agency is a brand new way to have fun with your mobile and safely meet with new friends.

You might want to write the facts up and give them to another student (out of context) and see if they agree that they are facts – ask them to explain why. Student B should tell student A , in their own words, what key/main points are made in the article.

Filed under: Paper 1 Section A | Leave a comment » Below are a couple of ideas for developing your skills/revising for ‘following an argument’ questions (Paper 1 Section A). Cut out a newspaper article, magazine article or print off an article from the web. Whilst Student B is doing this, student A should jot down the main points.

It is hosted by American Registry For Internet Numbers (Virginia, Chantilly,) using Apache web server.,, and dns2.are some of its 5 Nameservers.

There have been rumors around for ages that Apple would soon be looking at ending its exclusive relationship with AT&T in the US.

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