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Discover the easy way to master current and previous Microsoft technologies and advance your career. id=58040911&iu=/4140/ostg.clktrk_______________________________________________ Fink-users mailing list [hidden email] List archive: Subscription management: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/fink-users Pete, I was trying to get enblend-enfuse on 10.7 but the build fails with several errors.

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When I updated my OS to 10.5.8, I did not update my Xcode.

The error message is like; Failed to fetch Not Found Is this a problem with Fink?

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Upstream has released a newer version, and the Change Log indicates that it should build on 10.7 as well as work with our new boost1.53 and vigra4 (plus bumping the graphics libraries).

Would you be able to update enblend-enfuse to version 4.1 so that it can work on Lion?

My impression (from attempts at using both in the past and reading information online) is that you will have multiple installations of dependencies so that you may have Image Magick installed by both fink and macports in order to get separate image packages built under each system.

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