Updating google toolbar

Link spam ran rampant in the heyday of Page Rank as site owners and agencies alike would buy and place as many high-PR links as they could to outrank competitors.

Any browser toolbars currently making use of the data will stop displaying it in the coming weeks.

Toolbar false Modified Preferences Name Value accessibility.typeaheadfind.flash Bar 0 browser.fixup.alternate.enabled false browser.history_expire_days.mirror 20 browser.places.smart Bookmarks Version 2 browser.startup.homepage

fr=fptb-tyc browser.startup.homepage_override.build ID 20110615151330 browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone rv:5.0 plugins.enabled.false App Version 5.0 general.useragent.extra.searchtoolbar Search Toolbar/1.2 gfx.blacklist.direct2d 2 gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d10 2 gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d10-1 2 keyword.

Although the Page Rank algorithm itself is important, Google’s Toolbar Page Rank is just a useless SEO metric.

Page Rank is officially dead and no serious SEO should consider it anymore.

Google Toolbar version 7 is over 5 years old, Google Chrome browser doesn't have a Google Toolbar, the Google Toolbar doesn't work with the latest versions of Firefox and they announced that Google Toolbar won't support Firefox anymore.

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