Updating marital status

Under the OPSEU Pension Plan, an eligible spouse is defined as one of two individuals, whether of the same or opposite sex, who: All terminating members must submit a signed Statement of Marital Status form plus other applicable proof listed below: For spouses who are married, OPTrust needs a copy of your marriage certificate as proof of relationship.

For common-law spouses OPTrust requires evidence that the common-law relationship has existed for at least three years before retirement or termination of membership in the Plan.

“Your relationship status can have a big impact on your taxation and filings and so you need to update your marital status with the CRA to get the right benefit and credit payments” Julie Baetz, CPA, CA, LPA and Partner at Millards Chartered Professional Accountants in Brantford says that you should update your marital status as soon as it changes, even if you are living common‑law.Changes to your health coverage following a marital status change must be made within 31 days, including the day of the marriage or divorce.You may also change your medical, dental and vision plan enrollment, including enrolling in a different plan for which you are eligible.For information about how getting married can affect your federal financial aid, click here.In the OPSEU Pension Plan your surviving spouse is eligible for a 60% survivor pension if he or she was your eligible spouse when you started receiving your pension.You can enroll in VGLI or DGTLI within 31 days, including the day of the event.

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