Updating ps2 firmware

Sony's updated the console, adding cool new functions like Share Play and Communities – but these have come at the expense of simple additions, like folders and external HDD support.

We're praying that the impending PS4 firmware update v4.00 – which is set to enter open beta later this month – goes back to basics, then, and finally incorporates the features that we've been yearning for since day one.

I am located in the US so I'll be using an NTSC system.

It's easy to see how this would work, and we can't imagine that it's a difficult thing to implement.

Second, can I replace the internal hard disk with a custom one (something like a 1tb hitachi travelstar)?

I've found reports that the hard disks are user upgradable on wikipedia.

My PS2 has finally died, and I am looking to hunt down a PS3 60GB for the hardware backwards compatibility. Since I've never really used a PS3, I have a few questions.

First, the one I am looking at the most says it comes with the 2.7 firmware.

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