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The beginning part of the code is business logic that I've verified to determine which rows I would like to update.

I use Ajax to return a data set exactly as what is shown in the table (table cannot be filtered or sorted upon so indices will match).

I think your way by logging success/error message from AJAX is the most common for debugging http requests.

about 2) I think yes, first of all it says bad request (check backend for error log).

When Windows needs to draw an icon, it uses the copy from the cache rather than retrieving the icon image from the original application file. UPDATE: With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft changed the rules of the game: the icon cache is no longer stored in the Icon file described below.

Read more: How to repair the icon cache in Windows 8/8.1 The location of the icon cache file depends on the version of Windows that you have.

This problem may arise if you are using a proxy server on your network or using Socks 4 & 5 network.

Run (or Windows-key R), type in regedit and hit OK. Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Tray Notify. Delete the values Icon Streams and Past Icons Stream. Open up the Task Manager (Ctrl Shift Esc), go to the Processes tab, select and click End Process. Open the Applications tab and click New Task at the bottom-right of the window. In the message box that pops up type in and hit OK. will reload, and the missing icons should now be back in the system-tray where they belong. Then if the volume bar isn't there, go to taskbar properties (where the volume was gray) and simply tick the box. Find below the instruction to update your copy Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file.Using Recovery Mode (i Phone 7)Using Recovery Mode (i Phone 6S and Older)Using Cydia on a Jailbroken i Phone Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to restore a previous backup on your i Phone without updating it to the latest version of i OS in the process.In case the above problem remains as it is even after following the above step then we will recommend you to contact Quick Heal Technical Support Team.In the mean time you can also update your copy of Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file from Web page.This problem may also arise if you or your ISP is using Firewall.

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