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The Smosh channel has experienced three different spans as the most subscribed You Tube channel.The first period spanned from May to June 2006, the second spanned from April 2007 to September 2008, and the third span lasted from January to August 2013. Padilla and Hecox first met in their sixth grade science class.It followed the same style as their other earlier videos, featuring the duo lip-synching the original English theme song for the Pokémon anime.Mariko Takahashi (夫), (born November 2, 1984) most commonly known as Mari, was the host of Smosh Pit Weekly, rarely appearing in videos uploaded on the main Smosh channel but was the third most associated member of Smosh, behind Ian and Anthony until the addition on the main Smosh cast.She has stopped doing videos with Chloe and her personality completely changes, Can Chloe get her help for her broken heart? Ian's just a chef at a random little restaurant, and Anthony's never been inclined to stick around in one place for too long, but something about him and his waitress leaves him lingering."He's always thinking of recipes." Mari leaned over and said to Anthony. It's pretty easy to say you aren't a "one-night stand" kind of girl."He calls them his 'hypotheticals.'" When you get kicked out of your last school you're sent to a private school to learn about being an internet star. That sort of thing is equivalent to having a foot in two worlds, an incomplete constellation, a hurricane warning.Mari seeks adventure in real life as much as she enjoys them in games and has summited Kilimanjaro, backpacked through South America, ice climbed in the Andes, trecked the Swiss Alps, and scuba dived in the Caribbean.

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She packed up her bags and moved from Las Vegas to live with her cousin, Anthony Padilla.

It appears this new television deal with Disney XD is a result of the company's new efforts.

For more on Nintendo's critically acclaimed kart-racing game for Wii U, check out our comprehensive Mario Kart 8 wiki guide and this ridiculously cool Mario Kart-themed nursery.

She is also a major member of Smosh Games, appearing often in other series on the channel as well as on her own show, Super Mari Fun Time, now called Mari Craft. Mari originally shared Ian's You Tube account Ian H (now Smosh 2nd Channel) and uploaded videos every Saturday and had her own channel, Atomic Mari, where she did not upload videos regularly.

Mari first appeared on Ian is Bored 43, Worst Audition Ever!

Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 will air this coming Saturday, December 5, at 8pm PT/ET on Disney XD.

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