Worst online dating mistakes

In the world of Internet dating, "29" usually means somewhere in your 30's.

Just this week Whats Your conducted a survey to find the 7 Worst Dating Mistakes Women Make.But there are many universal pitfalls common to the online dating arena that must be avoided at all costs.The following are the worst mistakes you could possibly make: Your profile is not a confessional booth – keep the details of your crippling debt, anger issues, the stuffed monkey you use for a pillow, or your love of hundred-year-old surgical memorabilia to yourself.I asked her to do this because men are as visual as Scooby Doo on steroids. So I explained this to my client, and I asked her to send me her four best photos -- pictures that represent who she is in her life.The first thing they do when they see your profile online is NOT read about your trip to Italy last summer . What she sent me is mistake #1 of the biggest mistakes women (including you nurses! Here are the 7 biggest online dating mistakes nurses make:1. All photos that you post on an online dating profile MUST BE CURRENT!! It seems like on the Internet EVERYBODY is "athletic and toned," "petite" or "fit and trim." List your real age. Just because you message a woman, she does not owe you a reply.

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